Patti Chadwick Owner of DIY Wellness which is  an extension of FTPublications!About Patti

My name is Patti Chadwick, the person behind the curtain of DIY-Wellness.  While I have always been interested in health and wellness my interests usually centered around eating to lose weight….or keep it off.  As I got older and health ailments began to creep up on me, I decided to change my lifestyle and live more naturally, striving to have a better quality of life as I age.

It is my goal on DIY-Wellness to help others on their journey to health, wellness, and wholeness through the sharing of information on living more naturally and making better choices to improve health and vitality.

Why DIY-Wellness?

It all started for me about a decade ago.  There were a few different circumstances that started me on my wellness journey.  First, I have a son who has extreme digestive issues.  He was overweight and in so much pain that he decided that he needed to lose weight and change his eating so that he could improve his digestive health. He asked for my help and how could I say no?  And by helping him, I began to realize how my cooking was unbalanced and full of processed foods that were damaging our bodies. I needed to make some changes and began with eating real foods.

Around this same time I began noticing my parents aging and suffering from conditions and diseases that affect the elderly. It got me thinking about what I might be able to do differently in order to have a better quality of life as I aged.

My journey has been slow and varied.  I have worked hard to rid my house of processed foods as well as harmful chemicals in household items.  I began using essential oils and natural remedies as much as possible.  Our immune systems improved and we hardly ever get sick.  I struggled with hot flashes and insomnia and now I sleep through the night and my hot flashes are few and far between.

My latest change was my diet.  It was always hard for me to lose weight, especially since I hit middle age. Even though I was eating better, I was still overweight.  I would lose 2lbs. and gain back 3. I was very frustrated.  I had also developed arthritis in my knees and was finding it hard to walk.  I had a constant limp and could no longer go on my two-mile daily walks or even walk to a local event in town with my family. I found the book  “Wheat Belly” by Dr. William Davis and decided to give his gluten-free diet a chance.  I did this mostly to see if it would help further help my son with his IBS since he was still struggling.  After 2 months both he and I noticed changes.  His stomach issues improved and, to my surprise my knees were not hurting as much. Now, six months later his IBS symptoms are mostly gone and  I had lost 12 lbs (this is a lot for me!) and my knees are about 98% better.  I now can walk my 2 miles and don’t even limp anymore.  If I hadn’t tried it and seen the results for myself, I would have never believed that gluten could cause inflammation in my body and be causing me so much pain.  So needless to say I am sold on gluten-free eating.

While mine has been a journey of trial and error. my goal is to help make your transition to living naturally easier for you than it has been for me,   I’m not a doctor or health care professional and I certainly am not giving health advice or telling you to disregard your doctor’s advice.  I am just a person who is sharing her journey into health and wellness and telling you what has worked for me and what hasn’t.  You need to make your own choices on what works for you and find a doctor that will support your quest for better health.